NIELS ROSING-SCHOW: Winds and Percussion

Jeanette Balland, saxophone
James Crabb, accordion
Geir Draugsvoll, accordion
Die Michaelstrompeter
Christian Utke, percussion

Niels Rosing-Schow, composer

The music of the Danish composer Niels Rosing-Schow (b. 1954) seeks to explore the different ways in which music of a distinctly modernist and individual cast can reconquer the large musical spaces without resorting to ready-made solutions. Exploring the forces of growth, transformation, and decay, it suggests a state of nature in constant flux. Rosing-Schow's works are marked by a subtle sense of orchestration, producing fascinating sonorities and beguiling instrumental colourings.

Label: Dacapo

Format: CD

Catalogue Number: 8.226506

Barcode: 636943650622

Release Date: March 2004

Period: Late 20th Century